WISE selects NJ ASSP Member Kari Lyons as Member of the Month

Sep 24, 2019

ASSP WISE September 19, 2019 announcement.  Congratulations to our  2019 WISE Member of the month: KARI LYONS!

Kari was awarded the August 2019 MotM award for her proactive nature, inclusive manner, and the positive affect it has had on the NJ ASSP and WISE chapter memberships.

“NJ ASSP has not had a membership chair for years” and Kari filled that void, re-initiating welcome communication and the provision of literature. Kari consistently invests a lot of time in the membership arm of the NJ ASSP chapter. She works to be a “positive magnetic force” for new members, young professionals, and students.

And it is paying off as the chapter’s meeting attendance has grown; especially for diverse populations!. Yes, NJ ASSP is “on the map” thanks to the consistency of Kari’s presence, warmth, and engagement. Looking outside of the ASSP chapter, Kari has “been the bridge for WISE membership and membership engagement” and is making it “happening and fun now in NJ!”.

The WISE networking is growing thanks to Kari’s efforts, as is the WISE membership strength and friendship, driving career development and success opportunities. But it is not just all about the people .. people need fun things to do! Kari consistently comes up with “fun and interactive” ideas to enhance meetings, and has “formed an engaging list of opportunities” so that members can get engaged in one Chapter activity or another.

WISE events have benefited from Kari’s touch as well. Kari organized a WISE event at Pinot’s Palette which has been the largest WISE turnout event. “Kari is a 24/7 ASSP and WISE member and always the first to raise a hand or make a call. Her innovative and positive spirit, along with boundless energy, really support WISE membership and retention success at NJ ASSP.” And that is why Kari is the WISE August 2019 MotM. Congratulations, Kari!