Secretary Platform Statement

Mar 29, 2016

Anthony Krake Platform Statement

Being a new-comer in the safety industry right out of college, I was immediately drawn to the NJASSE for the knowledge I would gain through meetings, but also the networking opportunities that I knew being an active member would bring. Since joining in 2013, I never would have expected to have learned as much as I have from the members of the New Jersey Chapter. The years of experience and expertise from the members have been vital to my growth in this industry and directly contributed to the success I’ve had over the past few years. I am excited for the opportunity to run for Secretary and to give back to the members of the New Jersey Chapter whom have been so pivotal in the success I’ve had in my career thus far.

Since joining the chapter, I have maintained an active role in many different positions. During my first year, I took on the role of IT/Technology Chair to help guide the chapter in utilizing technology in multiple different areas of the organization. Along with IT/Technology, I took an active role in boosting the chapter’s Linked-In presence, and have since taken over the responsibilities of the entire Linked-In group. In addition to the technology portion, I was actively involved in the founding of the NJIT Student Section and currently act as the liaison for the Student Section. My help with the Student Section also sprouted my interest in membership and I have recently taken on co-chair of membership for the New Jersey Chapter to help bring new members into the chapter and encourage existing members to become more involved. In the next few months, my hopes are to have an active, self-sustained student section and increase professional membership for the New Jersey Chapter as a whole.

I have been working as an EHS manager for an industrial painting contractor for 4 years now. I began working as an EHS manager immediately after graduating NJIT with my bachelors in mechanical engineering. During my time as an EHS manager, I have successfully implemented multiple systems to improve safety management. One of these systems included the development of an iPad-based management tool, which I received honorable mention for the Cintas Safety Management Innovation Award at ASSE 2015. Since this award, I have been actively involved in speaking for industry groups on how to digitalize their workforce to improve productivity and safety management. I am currently enrolled as a master student in Occupational, Safety and Health Engineering at NJIT on a NIOSH Fellowship and will be graduating in May 2017. While I do not have decades of experience under my belt, the work I have done along with my formal education make up for my lack of years in the industry and I believe I will be a great asset to the New Jersey Chapter of the ASSE. Thank you for the opportunity to serve on the executive board and I am excited to bring a new light to the possibilities of our chapter.