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Here is a listing of current jobs submitted to NJASSP for posting. We post jobs as a benefit for NJASSP members and primarily focus on opportunities in and around New Jersey.

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Kristin Herman NJ ASSP WISE Mentor Advocacy Excellence Award

The ASSP WISE Mentoring Committee has unanimously voted to award Kristin Herman the first ever Women’s History Month Mentor Advocacy Excellence award! This award will bear Kristin’s name going forward and be given out in March of each year. Kristin has been a key officer and member of the NJ Chapter and the WISE Executive Board. She is a repeat mentor and has not only invited and mentored developing professionals but also employed them! Her generous invitations each year to L’Oreal appeal to all members, but especially women members. Her advice and insights are a blessing to me and Chapter WISE efforts. Her idea to use invitations solidified attendance for last week’s event and her post-event LI post was wonderful! Together we rise! Congratulations Kristin!

NJASSP Women in Safety Excellence (WISE) CIG Chairperson Podcast

This interview features the Chairperson of the chapter Women in Safety Excellence Common Interest Group, Louise Vallee, CSP, CIH, CPE. Conducting the interview is Jack Fearing, CPEA, and Cristiano Godoy, CHST. Louise has been a chapter member since 2005 and has also served as chapter president and in other Executive Board positions.  She was honored with the NJ ASSP Chapter 2020 SPY award.  She is on the WISE CIG Executive Board as Mentoring Chair. She received the WISE SPY award in 2016.  She is the VP of Risk Engineering at Crum & Forster in Morristown, New Jersey.

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You can contact Louise at (862) 258-5264 or

BISE Membership Drive 2021 Until March 15th

Promo Code: 211BISE
Offer: Waived $25 App Fee, 1 Free Blacks in Safety Excellence Membership
Dates Valid: January 15-March 15, 2021

Directions for Current ASSP Members not in the Blacks in Safety Excellence
Current ASSP members not in the Blacks in Safety Excellence will need to go into “my account”
on the ASSP website and select either “upgrade” or “renew now” and then go through the prompts and select the Blacks in Safety Excellence and enter the promo code at the checkout screen.
Alternately, you can contact Customer Service at 847-699-2929 or and mention this offer which can be applied to their account.

Directions for New ASSP Members
Brand new ASSP members should complete the membership application located at They should select the Blacks in Safety Excellence
when on the common interest group section. The code will waive the common interest group and
$25 application fee for new members.

Please note there can’t be any extra spaces in the promo code field, or the code will not work.

NJASSP 2020 – 2021 Chapter Secretary Podcast

This interview features the Chapter Secretary  Corey Jones, CSP, CHST, MBA. Conducting the interview is Jack Fearing, CPEA, chairman of the Youth Outreach Committee. Corey has been a chapter member since 2013 and has also served in other committee positions for 3 years including the Government Affairs and Blacks in Safety Excellence (BISE) Common Interest Group.  He is the Site Safety Manager for WDF, a mechanical engineering firm, in NYC and previously worked for Merck Pharmaceutical as a construction safety consultant in New Jersey.

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You can contact Corey at (973) 666-3462 or

NJASSP 2020 – 2021 Chapter President Podcast

This initial interview features the The NJ ASSP Chapter President, Anthony Krake, CSP. Conducting the interview is Jack Fearing, CPEA, chairman of the Youth Outreach Activities committee.  Anthony has been a chapter member since 2010.  He is the Vice-President of Operations for Construct Secure, Inc.  He was previously the Senior Corporate HSE Manager for Weeks Marine, Inc. located in Cranford, NJ.  Please join us to learn about Anthony’s career in safety and his goals and objectives for the chapter.

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You can contact Anthony at

NJ ASSP Podcast

The Hispanic Outreach Common Interest Group (CIG)

This podcast was recently conducted by Cristiano Godoy, CHST, Chairman of the NJASSP Chapter Hispanic Outreach Common Interest Group (CIG). This very informative interview features the CIG chairman speaking with Rony Jabour, the Education Director at United Safety Net in Woburn, MA. Rony was recently selected by the National Safety Council as one of the 40 “Raising Stars of Safety” in 2020 for his many contributions for improving workplace safety for bi-lingual employees. He is an OSHA-Authorized trainer and conducts workplace safety training in English, Spanish & Portuguese. Please check back for additional interviews in the future.  Click HERE for more information and to listen to the podcast.

2020 NJASSP Student Poster Contest – “Virtual Learning & Home Safety

The New Jersey Chapter is pleased to announce the final results of the 2020 NJASSP Student Poster Contest.  Each of the winners has received their gift certificate.  The contest was managed by Jack Fearing along with a panel of Judges who participated in the ranking process.  We are pleased that we were able to reach out to the children and their families during these difficult times.  It is our hope and plan to continue in the future with a different, more pleasant theme.   We plan to recognize all the participants at our next “live” chapter meeting.

NJ Poster Contest

The NJ Chapter of the ASSP is pleased to announce a poster contest!  There are several age groups with three prizes in each category.  The contest will run May 1st through May 31st.  Please see attached flyer for more information.