2021-22 Election Treasurer Candidate

Cristiano Godoy CHST is running for NJ ASSP Treasurer

Cristiano Godoy CHST, has been professional member of NJASSP since 2018 and is currently serving as part of the Standing Committee. Cristiano has worked in the construction industry over 15 years with a focus on health and safety that spans over 12 years.

He previously lived in Florida where he owned his own construction company for five years.  After selling his share of the business, he moved on to working as a coating inspector, where he realized the need for emphasis on safety knowledge in the workplace.  Shortly after moving to NJ, he became a Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST), Authorized OSHA Trainer and joined ASSE (2015).

Working with other Safety Professionals allowed Cristiano priceless experience as the connections he made allowed him to grow his knowledge within the industry in addition to adding certifications that would further help develop his career.  As a member, he was tasked with seeking other professionals that may not be aware of this organization because of a language barrier.  Having knowledge of Portuguese, Spanish and English, Cristiano became part of Standing Committee for the NJ Chapter of ASSP Hispanic Outreach.   During this time, Cristiano decided to push through his fear of public speaking and began teaching Osha Construction 10 and 30 in NY at the School New York Safety Training.  Teaching was a great opportunity to meet and help other professionals in the industry.   Throughout all his time at NJASSP, one of Cristiano’s favorite and most proud experiences happened earlier this year, when working with Jack Fearing to develop a podcast called “Podcast Interview Series” for the NJASSP chapter.  This podcast would help reach members and potential members during the pandemic.

Outside of his efforts at work and within the ASSP, Cristiano supports his community by volunteering his time at his local Fire Department. After 8 months of rigorous training, Cristiano began serving as a Volunteer Firefighter for the Bridgewater Finderne Fire Department.  

Cristiano gratefully credits much of his success to his supporting wife.  His initial stay in New Jersey was temporary until he met his wife in 2015.  Although New Jersey became his home, he misses Florida weather and says he will eventually move back someday with his family.  Cristiano happily resides in Bridgewater, New Jersey with his beautiful wife and two daughters.