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Here is a listing of current jobs submitted to NJASSP for posting. We post jobs as a benefit for NJASSP members and primarily focus on opportunities in and around New Jersey.

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ASSP New Jersey Chapter Election 2020-2021

Per our By-Laws we hold elections each year for open positions. For the 2020-2021 year we have the Secretary position open. Below are the candidates who have come forward to fill this role. An Electronic Ballot will be sent in the near future.

Corey B. Jones
Greeting to all NJ Chapter ASSP Members, Executive Board members, Committee Members and Past Presidents. I am grateful for the nomination and chance to serve you all and the ASSP community at large, in addition to servicing my constituencies within the safety community.  “You have two hands. One to help yourself, the second to help others.” Audrey Hepburn. To serve- is my goal as 2020 elected Secretary of the American Society of Safety Professionals New Jersey Chapter.

As a true and tried safety professional of more than fifteen years, I have been a member of ASSP since 2013. I am a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST), Safety Management Specialist (SMS), Licensed NYC DOB Site Safety Manager (SMS), and holder of various certification. In addition, I hold a Master of Business with a concentration in supply chain management from Seton Hall University (MBA).

While a member of ASSP I have held a standing committee position as chair for Gov’t affairs for 3 years. I have attended Leadership Conference twice and help shape OSHA Latest construction crane standard 1926 subpart CC by providing comment to the proposed rule, during my tenure as Member at large for the Construction Practice Specialty for the past 3 years. I am also a current member of the Blacks in Safety Excellence (BISE), where I am an active mentor to my mentee in the NJ area. I have also personally invested in attending various PDCs, to further my connection with ASSP.

I am well prepared to Serve as Secretary and with that goal in mind my commitment is to diligently execute those duties. I am an excellent listener and an attentive observer. I am a dynamic communicator who will accurately record and disseminate meeting minutes. As a vision for my role as Secretary I will work to develop streamlined processes that will assist future Secretaries. These processes will include ideas around using technological advances within the Society such as the communities platform. Such as customizing sign in sheets from meetings and events, to better understand participants and using that information to generate specific conversations and excitement within the applicable communities. I will continue to solicit guidance and support from chapter leadership and collaboration from membership to bring ideas to fruition. At times my role will include recording of organizational documents for record keeping, I will work with board member, and stake holders within the society to ensure consistency of delivery in accordance with bylaws. Lastly my efforts will be in direct support of Chapter progressions toward Platinum level.  I look forward to the continued success of all Chapter members and hope to remain and grow in Service to all.


Corey B. Jones, CSP, CHST, SMS, SSM, MBA

Safety and Health Historical Society

The main publication of the Safety and Health Historical Society is a quarterly journal, The Archives of Safety and Health. The January 2020 issue (Volume 3, Number 1) contains articles for people engaged in and interested in safety and health history.  Click HERE for the most recent newsletter.

2019 NJ ASSP Safety Professional of the Year Award

Jack Fearing, long time NJ ASSP member and high level contributor, was awarded the 2019 NJ ASSP Safety Professional of the Year (SPY) Award at the Chapter Holiday Party on December 4th at Maggiano’s in Bridgewater.  Jack has had key roles in PDCs, monthly meetings, Toys for Tots and Treats for Troops, and the OSHA 10 hour course, all of which increased membership, attendance, and impact. Congratulations and sincere thanks Jack!  You are one in a million!

(Left to right; Joe Schwed and Louise Vallee, Past Presidents, Jack Fearing, and Rob Ortiz, current Chapter President)

New Jersey ASSP Chapter Aids “Toys for Tots”

The New Jersey Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers (NJASSE) collected over 50 toys for children of all ages at its annual Celebration held at the Maggiano’s Little Italy in Bridgewater. “Participating in the toy drive is the ideal way for local ASSP members and families to give back to the community,” ASSP Community Outreach Chair Jack Fearing said. “Our organization has been an integral part of this community’s service and growth for many years, as such, it comes as no surprise that we to continue to assist Toys for Tots in its annual campaign to raise awareness and donate toys for a worthy cause. The mission of the Marine Toys for Tots foundation since its inception in 1947 has been to ‘bring the joy of Christmas to America’s needy children’.

Free Webinar: Managing OSHA in the Trump Era

Date: Tuesday, October 15th, 2019Time: 2pm ET / 11am PT
Duration: 1 hour
Sponsored by: Safety Services


The Trump Administration’s disinterest in OSHA does not mean that nothing has changed for employers.

They must deal with new State-OSHA regulations, major Court and Commission decisions affecting citations and procedures, and a dizzying array of inspection practices by different OSHA Area Offices and State-Plans. A company’s main focus must be on protecting its workers, but you cannot ignore the parallel tracks of OSHA regulation.This Webinar’s Key Takeaways:

  • The effect of open leadership positions, underfunding, understaffing, and resulting inconsistent training.
  • Managing the scope of an inspection and a renewed importance on procedures such as conducting dual respiratory monitoring.
  • Increasing challenges posed by subs, labor providers, and working on a multiemployer site.


Can’t join us for the live event? We’ve got you covered. Register anyway, and we’ll send you the on-demand viewing link shortly after the broadcast.

WISE selects NJ ASSP Member Kari Lyons as Member of the Month

ASSP WISE September 19, 2019 announcement.  Congratulations to our  2019 WISE Member of the month: KARI LYONS!

Kari was awarded the August 2019 MotM award for her proactive nature, inclusive manner, and the positive affect it has had on the NJ ASSP and WISE chapter memberships.

“NJ ASSP has not had a membership chair for years” and Kari filled that void, re-initiating welcome communication and the provision of literature. Kari consistently invests a lot of time in the membership arm of the NJ ASSP chapter. She works to be a “positive magnetic force” for new members, young professionals, and students.

And it is paying off as the chapter’s meeting attendance has grown; especially for diverse populations!. Yes, NJ ASSP is “on the map” thanks to the consistency of Kari’s presence, warmth, and engagement. Looking outside of the ASSP chapter, Kari has “been the bridge for WISE membership and membership engagement” and is making it “happening and fun now in NJ!”.

The WISE networking is growing thanks to Kari’s efforts, as is the WISE membership strength and friendship, driving career development and success opportunities. But it is not just all about the people .. people need fun things to do! Kari consistently comes up with “fun and interactive” ideas to enhance meetings, and has “formed an engaging list of opportunities” so that members can get engaged in one Chapter activity or another.

WISE events have benefited from Kari’s touch as well. Kari organized a WISE event at Pinot’s Palette which has been the largest WISE turnout event. “Kari is a 24/7 ASSP and WISE member and always the first to raise a hand or make a call. Her innovative and positive spirit, along with boundless energy, really support WISE membership and retention success at NJ ASSP.” And that is why Kari is the WISE August 2019 MotM. Congratulations, Kari!

Free 1-day Confined Space course

Rutgers School of Public Health is offering OSHA 7300: Understanding OSHA’s Permit-Required Confined Space Standard course in Somerset, New Jersey, in celebration of Safe & Sound week. This no fee, 1-day course will be held on August 15, 2019.Confined space entry work carries an inherent risk to workers. It has the potential to contain a hazardous environment, contain materials that have the potential to engulf an entrant, walls that converge or floors that slope downward, which may trap or asphyxiate an individual. They may also contain other recognized health or safety hazards, such as unguarded machinery, exposed live wires or heat stress.

2019-20 Election Treasurer Candidate

David C. Olcott, CSP, CHST, CRIS running for NJ ASSP Treasurer

Throughout his career David has garnered experience in the safety, health, and environmental field while overseeing hazardous waste remediation operations, heavy civil construction & infrastructure improvements, and OSHA and DEP/EPA compliance on project sizes ranging from$1M to $200M. With more than 16 years of experience, his expertise is in formulating, administering, and coordinating programs for businesses to reduce the risk of loss. Additionally, his expertise includes safety and environmental plan development, corporate- and site-level oversight, environmental monitoring and sampling, construction safety, and risk management. As a Facility Security Officer at a large defense contractor, he has been responsible for OPSEC and PHYSEC. He is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), a Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST), and a Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS).

David became interested in the position of Treasurer after increasing his attendance at the NJ Chapter Meetings and learning about the open position. David’s interest stems from a desire to be an integral part of the ongoing advancement of the safety professional and protection life, property, and the environment. By being Treasurer, David’s influence will extend beyond the confines of his day-to-day operational activities and into a large body of his peers.